Retrospective evaluation of critical geriatric and adult COVID-19 patients

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  • Öztürk Taşkın
  • Veysel Garani Soylu
  • Ufuk Demir
  • Ayşe Yılmaz
  • Esma Özçelik
  • Zahide Doğanay
  • Funda Çatan İnan



COVID-19 intensive care unit, geriatrics and COVID-19, mortalilty, COVID-19, COVID-19 mortality


Background: 5% of cases in COVID 19 disease require hospitalization in an intensive care unit. COVID -19 has a high mortality rate in the intensive care unit (ICU). There are many factors that affect this. There is no study on whether aging is one of these factors for intensive care patients.

Objective: With this study, the data of critical geriatric and adult COVID-19 patients we followed up in the covid intensive care unit were evaluated and it was aimed to recognize the characteristics of critically ill patients.

Material and Method: The files of 70 geriatric and 67 adult patients followed in the COVID-19 ICU were scanned and evaluated.

Results: When evaluated in terms of developing organ dysfunction, cardiac arrhythmia was found to be statistically significant in adult patients (P=.01). 53 (75%) of 70 geriatric patients and 45 (67.1%) of 67 adult patients required invasive mechanical ventilation support. Intensive care mortality was 74.2% (52) in geriatric patients and 67.1% (45) in adult patients. There was no significant difference between the two groups in terms of mortality.

Conclusion: It turned out that old age and being an adult are not important in terms of mortality in COVID-19 patients who need to be followed up in the intensive care unit.


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