Mean platelet volume and red cell distribution width values in children with recurrent epistaxis

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  • Kübra Topal
  • Fatih Bingöl
  • Ayhan Kars
  • Fatma Atalay



Epistaksis, children, mean platalet volume, red cell distribution widh


 Objective: This study aimed to evaluate the relationship between mean platelet volume and red blood cell distribution width, recurrent epistaxis in children.

Material and Method:This study was conducted with 60 pediatric patients who applied to our clinic between complaint of epistaxis. The control group consisted of 60 pediatric patients with similar number of age and gender characteristics as the study group. mean platelet volume (MPV) and red cell distribution width (RDW) values measured routinely in the complete blood count (CBC) were investigated

Results: Mean RDW value was founded 11.98±0.75% in patients with epistaxis and 12.44±0.78% in the control group. Since the p-value calculated according to these data was found to be 0.02, the difference was found to be statistically significant. The MPV value was 6.65±1.31 femtoliter in patients with epistaxis and 6.41±1.22 femtoliter in the control group. The difference was not statistically significant since the p-value was higher than 0.05.

Conclusion: It is thought that the high values of RDW and MPV, which are among the parameters measured in complete blood count, may be associated with the increase in thrombotic activity. It is also observed that MPV and RDW values are high in cerebrovascular cases and coronary artery diseases. The low RDW value in patients who with recurrent epistaxis gives rise to thought that this value may not be a result of bleeding, but a cause.


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