The essential role of nesfatin-1 as a biological signal on the body systems

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  • Sermin Algül
  • Erhan Dinçer Van Yüzüncü Yıl University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Physilogy, Van, Turkey



Nesfatin-1, biological signal, exercise, stress, obesity, metabolism


Nesfatin-1is first described in 2006 as an anorectic peptide and regulate food intake. In following years, the studies demonstrated the presence of nesfatin-1 in central and various peripheral tissues. Thus, nesfatin-1 popularity increasing widely in clinical medicine, especially in cardiology, neurology, reproduction, metabolic disorders, psychiatric disorders, gastrointestinal system. Today, the main point concerning nesfatin-1 action in body organ and systems is concentrate its biological signals effects. Thus the increasing knowledge in these area will be highlighted for future studies especially in serious health problem all over the world population.


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