Closure of a pseudo aneurysm developed after trauma in the brachial artery with endovascular stent graft: A case report

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Brachial Artery, Aneurysm, Stent Graft, Minimal Invasive



Aneurysm is defined as 50% enlargement of the normal diameter of the artery. The most common cause of true aneurysms is atherosclerosis. Pseudoaneurysms, on the other hand, occur as a result of the blood leaking from the tear in the arterial wall forming a thrombus formation and surrounding it with a fibrous capsule. In pseudoaneurysms, blood pools in a closed area. However, they may enlarge and rupture in the late period. Treatment options are thrombin injection, endovascular graft implantation, surgical ligation, and arterial bypass. In this case report, we present a patient with a stab wound to the axilla. Two years after the injury, a pseudoaneurysm developed in the left brachial artery. The pseudoaneurysm was treated with endovascular stent graft


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