Plagiarism Policy

Prevention of Plagiarism
Plagiarism is the use of others' published or unpublished ideas or words (or other intellectual property rights) without reference or person, and presented as new and original rather than derived from an existing source. Self-abduction means that an author uses some parts of his previous articles on the same topic elsewhere in his publications, especially without citing ( .

When quoting from an article, if the original source is cited in accordance with academic rules, even if the authors' permission is not received, such a quote is not included in the scope of plagiarism. Because it would be difficult to get permission from each author for every quote you make, considering that it is difficult to reach these people. For this reason, as long as there are clear directions to the resources used, there is no obstacle in quoting. Publications with plagiarism and/or self-abduction are not considered in the Kastamonu Medical Journal. During the file upload process, the authors should submit the similarity report they obtained using an appropriate plagiarism program (iThenticateTurnitin etc.). All universities in Turkey subscribes to a plagiarism program, you can get help from your university library. Articles with a similarity rate of more than 20% are considered plagiarism and rejected.

According to the result of the similarity report, one of the following three decisions is made about the article.
• It is sent to the editor for evaluation.
• It is sent back to the author with a correction request.
• Rejection process is carried out without taking into consideration (Articles with a similarity rate of more than 20% are considered plagiarism and rejected).

Authors should avoid behaviors that do not comply with the following publication ethics.
1. Plagiarism: Our journal defines WAMA (World Medical Journal Editors Association) as it accepts.
2. Fraud, fabrication
3. Distortion, diversion (Falcification)
4. Replication of the publication (Duplication)
5. Slicing, Salamization